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Welcome To The Dobson Property Group

Welcome to the first blog of our revamped website!

Yes, over the past few months we have been on a bit of a journey, taking time to work on our business and create a brand that feels completely aligned with the core values and message of The Dobson Property Group.

We have come a long way in the past 5 years so to begin it seems only right to give you a bit of a story about how it began and why we do what we do.

Property has added so much to our life - not just the physical bricks and mortar, it’s added a sense of freedom, choice, passion and purpose.

And through our model of working with private funders on our property deals, our work is having a positive impact on many.

Jacqui & Neil Dobson - Founders of the Dobson Property Group


We found the love of property back in 2015 when we turned our home into a Buy-To-Let (BTL) property instead of selling it. We were hooked straight away and decided to get educated through a leading training academy in the UK. We quickly identified that property would create the life we wanted. We could build extensive financial freedom, get to work together and enjoy the process!

After we successfully completed our training we got straight to work. We found our ‘gold mine’ area and began connecting with agents and private funders. In 2018 we completed our first full refurb on a buy-to-let. It was fantastic and we enjoyed every bit of the process. From sourcing the deal, completing all the due diligence and paperwork, managing the project and renting it on the other side. There was no time to rest, we knew we wanted to scale and scale fast. And that is what we have been doing!

In just 4 years we have completed numerous buy-to-lets and serviced accommodation (SA) for corporate and holiday lets, as well as flipped a property for sale, sold a commercial to residential with planning and our biggest to date, leasing 19 turn-key apartments for serviced accommodation …all through a pandemic!

Witnessing transformations of the properties we work on is extremely rewarding. Some of the houses have been nothing short of inhabitable - no running hot water or even a usable kitchen! So to see a finished product that looks modern, clean and inviting is remarkable. And knowing that we have created a house that someone gets to live in and make a home, or enjoy a stay; that’s even more special.

The skills we have at The Dobson Property Group are incredible, even if we do say so ourselves!

As the Directors of the company, we have opposing skills. Neil is the social butterfly, likes finding deals and building relationships. Jacqui makes sure all boxes are ticked, is logistical and leaves no stone unturned.

We have put together a strong power team of experts that ensure each of our deals are thought through in fine detail. Each one is fully risk assessed and our biggest USP is that we use multiple property strategies in our gold mine area. So we look for opportunities, and after completing financial reports and risk assessments, we can decide the best route; whether it be a straight flip, BTL, SA etc.

The private funders we work with have enjoyed the process too. So many of them have a love for property but don’t have the time or knowledge to invest. We keep them updated as each project develops and at the end, they get a healthy return on the funds they have invested. Many of them like it so much, they take their profit and fund another deal. We call this the compound effect.

Creating WIN/WINS is a massive part of our mission. We want people to live the life they dreamed of. We want people to have CHOICES. We don’t want people to worry that all they have is their pension pot.

We completely changed our lives. Going from working in jobs that didn’t fulfil us and spending most of our days apart to creating something that not only we love, but also gives us the finances to live the life we want, do the things we want to do and travel where we want to go plus the added bonus, we get to work with genuinely great people!

We meet so many people that feel frustrated. There are two main dilemmas; they either work and have time constraints or have a small savings pot sitting in the bank doing nothing. They want to earn more. They want to build a nest egg to pass onto their children. Let’s be honest they want to be lying on a sun lounger whilst sipping a cocktail …and earning money! Yep the passive income dream! It sounds too good to be true doesn't it!?

Well here is a news flash - it doesn’t have to be.

And The Dobson Property Group are determined to continue working with people that feel excited by funding our projects in order to make their money work smarter.

Let’s live the life we deserve and focus on spending time doing what brings us the most joy!

Above all, let's have fun.

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