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Jacqueline and Neil Dobson are complete experts in their field, showing how to effectively implement all of their extensive property knowledge by creating a portfolio that has allowed them to build a life they dreamed of, as well as change the lives of their private funders and partners.


Where it all began

Jacqueline and Neil Dobson's property journey started back in 2017 when they were advised to not sell their residential flat and instead change it to a Buy-To-Let. In 2018 they attended a property seminar, and subsequently invested heavily in their education with one of the UK's leading trainers. In just 5 years,  their passion and proactive work ethic has seen them grow an extensive portfolio through The Dobson Property Group, using a multitude of property strategies, creating  7 different income streams and generating a whopping annual turnover of over £600k and growing!

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It's all about the love

"We LOVE everything about property; from finding the opportunities, crunching the numbers, completing the refurbishments, paperwork and of course, revelling in the final product of the amazing properties we create! Property has changed our lives and we are passionate about helping others do the same through property, by creating WIN/WIN scenarios for private funders & individuals to maximise their savings, from the comfort of their own sofa ..or sun-lounger!"

Jacqui & Neil Dobson

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Cheers to an exciting future

Our Vision

Creating dream lives through property.

Our Mission

To work with private funders and joint venture partners to build a profitable and extensive property portfolio that generates excellent financial returns, gives you the freedom to spend time doing what you love and above all else, have fun!

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