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3 Harbour Road, Lowestoft

Complete property refurb, converted into 2 x Serviced Accommodation Apartments

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This property caught our eye because it had the most beautiful harbour view from the back garden. Just a short walk from the Oulton Broad North train Station, this property is a hidden gem.


It had been on the market for a few months and was being sold as a terraced house on 1 title, it had been converted quite a few years ago into 2 x 1 bedroom flats.

Our decision to purchase this property was made due to the amount of contractors working on the near-by wind farm and their growing demand for serviced accommodation and the numbers also worked as a standard rental property too.

As professional property mentors we know how to assess each property opportunity to maximise each deal with the lowest risk.


We completed a high-end refurbishment replacing the tired kitchens and bathrooms, new flooring, decorated and also, a little bonus ... when approaching the council to get permission to convert the loft into an additional bedroom, we discovered that the appropriate paper work had already been filed, meaning that unknowingly we had purchased a 2 bed property for the price of a 1 bed! Ca-ching!

It’s now a fully equipped boutique Serviced Accommodation unit available for guests to stay for business or leisure for both long and short term acomodation.


Deal Breakdown

Purchase Price: 
Purchase Fees:
Refurb Costs:
Revaluation Price:
£ 150,000
£ 6,000
£ 20,000
£ 230,000
Monthly Return (rental):
Serviced Accommodation Profit:
£1,000pcm (avg.)
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